JV Boys Soccer from Coach Ansari

JV Boys Soccer from Coach Ansari

I have been privileged to coach a set of hardworking players this season. They worked hard during pre-season with passion and enthusiasm, and they have carried that attitude into the season.

Team's main objective is to establish a culture of championship based on three key elements:

  • Character (Personal Integrity, Good Sportsmanship, Positive Attitude, Confidence)
  • Commitment (Perseverance, Dedication and Sacrifice, Being Competitive)
  • Teamwork (Physical Training, Technical and Tactical aspects of the game)

My goal is to use the opportunity to guide them:

  • Display exemplary character, and to help school maintain optimal learning environment
  • Stay responsible for their learning (They have homework day on Wednesdays, and attend tutorials once a week if they have a grade below 80),
  • Develop their skills, and become a better soccer player,
  • Represent The Village School with pride and confidence in any athletic event.

Please come support our boys at our next home game on Friday, December 1st on Viking Field!